Brixx Update – The Brixx Partner Program

Welcome back to a Brixx Update.

Let’s dive straight in.

The Brixx Partner Program

Great news – The Brixx Partner Program arrives this Spring!

What is the Brixx Partner Program?

The Brixx Partner Program is a way for accountants, advisors, business coaches etc. to help their clients plan for their business’ future.

It gives you the ability to deliver additional valuable services and advice based around their business plans.

With the Brixx Partner Program you can:

  • Deliver additional services and advice to your clients
  • Save time building business plans
  • Collaborate and share business models with clients
  • Develop further revenue and profit streams
  • Differentiate your business with Brixx Partnership
  • Promote your business with the Brixx Partner assets on your website

The Program costs £599 annually and gives you 3x Pro licences, with the ability to buy more at an exclusive price of £149.50./licence.

We’ll be developing the Partner Program further over the course of the year with more exclusive features planned to be added.

Register your interest for The Brixx Partner Program here.

In preparation for the Program, we will make some changes to plan sharing and organisation structure inside Brixx which will bring some new benefits for all users, regardless of whether they are on the Program or not. Here’s what we’ll be changing…

Changes to sharing and plan organisation

The first change we are making is how plans belonging to other Brixx accounts are displayed in your My Plans area. 

Plans shared with you will now be contained under their Organisation in a dropdown menu on the Plans page of your account.

This will change where you find plans shared to you by other Brixx users. You’ll still be able to access them in just the same way as before, but they’ll appear in a different place in your account.

How will it look?

We’re introducing a new dropdown menu for moving between plans belonging to different Organisations. 

When you select an Organisation from the drop down menu all of the plans you have access to from that Organisation will be displayed. 

So, if you own Organisation A, you will see all of your plans when Organisation A is selected. 

Select Organisation B and you’ll see the plans that Organisation B has shared to you.

When this update is released you’ll also be able to purchase subscriptions for several Organisations on the same email address, giving you discrete areas for planning, each with their own teams and plans.

You might have guessed already, but this means you’ll also be able to be members or owners of multiple Organisations, a change from the current structure where each user can only be part of a single Team.

When will this change?

It will happen alongside the release of the Partner Program, which we are currently targeting for April.

Do I need to do anything?

This restructure will happen automatically without you needing to change anything.

We do recommend that team owners now check their current ‘Company name’ under their ‘My Profile’.

This will be used as your Organisation name after the update.

That’s all for this time!

If you have any questions about The Brixx Partner Program or the changes we’ve made to plan structure, don’t hesitate to ask via the usual channels.

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