Daniel Krusenstrahle, CEO, Fieldly.com

“Brixx has given us an excellent way to visualise our finances. I love the ease of use and the depth of the generated reports.”


Peter Wood, Accounting services for business

“We love Brixx! It’s a brilliant application which is easy and intuitive to use. It’s transformed the way in which we can discuss business planning with clients”

More than a cash flow projection

We’re in the business of making finance easy. Our friendly app creates a visual picture of your entire business that is easy to understand, easy to make decisions around and easy to share your plans and ideas with others.

  • Calculators handle all the accounting
  • Cash flow, Profit & Loss and Balance sheet reports built for you
  • A complete picture of all your business activities
  • Test out key scenarios

How it works

1) Add your business activities

Starting from a template, build a model of your business from simple components. Quickly see a visual picture of all your financial activities across the whole business.
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2) Forecast your numbers

Simple calculators automate the numbers for you. You’re guided through everything from product sales, employee salaries to VAT payments.
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3) Simulate scenarios

Brixx is designed with testing out scenarios in mind. Adjust timelines and turn on/off any item in your model and immediately see the effects on your bottom line.
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Work together in the cloud

Brixx has built in, live collaboration. Work in a team and build up forecasts together. Our modern, intuitive interface is the perfect place to clearly demonstrate financial ideas and concepts to colleagues.

bike shop financial simulation by Brixx modelling

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