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Plan and test your business idea to prove to yourself and investors that your startup finances work.
For startups

Business owners
Easily plan and analyse the numbers behind important future decisions.
For business

Build 3-way reports for your clients quickly and create complex forecasts in far less time.
For accountants

Save time on your cash flow forecasts

From forecasting your sales to calculating funding requirements, our simple templates allow you to model complex activities in really easy ways. It enables anyone to turn their business into numbers without having accounting expertise.

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How it works

Good planning is not just about creating a set of reports. It’s about building a flexible financial model. A model that can be manipulated to answer key financial questions, allowing you to make informed decisions about the future.

Build your model
Starting from a template, build a model of your business from simple building blocks. Quickly see a visual picture of all your financial activities across the whole business.

Forecast your numbers
Clever forecast calculators automate the numbers. You’re guided through everything from product sales, employee salaries to VAT payments.

Simulate scenarios
Brixx is designed with testing out scenarios in mind. Adjust timelines and turn on/off any item in your model and immediately see the effects on your bottom line.

(Not so) scary financial reports

A wall of numbers in a spreadsheet can be intimidating. It doesn’t need to be.
Spreadsheets are not easy to build or maintain. Fortunately, you don’t configure reports in Brixx, it’s already done for you. Not just the cash flow either, a full balance sheet, income statement and financial summary. Enter one set of numbers through our simple templates and all outputs are completed automatically.

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Brixx 12 month cash flow forecast statement financial report

Explore scenarios and ask ‘what-if’ questions

Answer key financial questions by modelling them in Brixx. It will help you persuade anyone that the numbers behind your business idea work.

Make changes quickly
Complete tasks in minutes that take hours in spreadsheets.

Easier decision making
Map our the finances behind big decisions.

Grow your business
With clarity over the numbers, you can plan and grow your business.

“For anyone who’s developing a business plan to take to financiers and looking to find confidence in their cash flow predictions, then there is no equal.”

Chris Storey, Director of Primal Alchemy

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