E-commerce financial modelling made easy

The E-commerce business is a lot of work.

Planning scenarios for your financial future doesn't have to be.

Model income vs costs to plan for your future cash flow

Easily forecast your cash flow whether you sell on Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, your own marketplace or online store. With Brixx you can model different scenarios when you plan to launch new product lines, negotiate with a new courier service or packaging providers.

Test comprehensive ‘what if’ scenarios across your different distribution networks. No matter the scenario you won’t need to be an accountant to set up Brixx, simply use the Brixx templates and start forecasting immediately.

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Insightful analytics & real-world financial models

E-commerce businesses run on tight margins with complicated logistics to implement their business model. It’s mission critical to understand how today’s changes to your catalogue or fulfillment will affect your bank balance tomorrow.

Brixx instantly produces detailed analytics across forecasted management accounts including Profit and Loss, Cash Flow Statements and Balance Sheet Statements.

Live cash flow modelling support

Brixx offers live support so you can chat with our expert team. We’re here to help with any questions you have about modelling in Brixx. As well as being able to talk to a real person, you can also visit our knowledge base of resources and videos, enabling you to get up to speed quickly. We want to support your use of Brixx so that you can spend more time making decisions that positively impact your business’s bank balance.

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Compare actuals vs forecasts

Import your actuals or instantly integrate your Xero accounts to understand how your business’s future projections compare to historic forecasts. Saving you more time when populating your Brixx plans with actuals.

Connect to Xero to save your E-commerce business more time

If you are also a Xero user you can easily sync Brixx with your Xero accounts.

The Xero integration allows you to compare your Brixx forecasts with your Xero historical data, instantly.

Carry out variance analysis at a detailed level on the Brixx actual vs forecast reports to keep your goals and budgets on target.

Paul, Ed And Lawrence Bird

“Brixx has great usability and is very intuitive. The most useful feature for us was being able to toggle different categories on and off. We used this to model multiple scenarios quickly which helped us better understand the opportunities,”

Bird Eyewear.

Ed Bird (Owner)

Our pricing packages

Financial forecasting software for startups, small businesses and planning professionals.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can enter all your products, services or even subscriptions at the level of detail you want to forecast.
You can enter any cost in a variety of ways, including as a percentage of your sales useful for payment charges.
Yes, Brixx has a robust inventory forecasting component. Inventory can be set up to purchase based on your sales forecast in advance using a variety of criteria you control. It makes it easy to run a range of sales forecasts and see how that impacts your inventory requirements.
Yes, Brixx supports sales tax and corporation tax forecasts for most major countries. This is used for cash flow predictions but can’t be used for submitting your tax returns.
Brixx will highlight any negative points in your cash flow that you’ll need to plug with funding. There are comprehensive funding components for representing bank loans and investor funds.
No, although accountants are certainly welcome! Brixx is designed to be easy to use by anyone focusing on everyday language rather than accounting speak
Yes. All packages allow you to share read-only outputs to as many people as you like. Our Business and Professional packages allow multiple people to edit the same plan.
Yes, our paid packages allow you to download your outputs in Excel, PDF and PNG formats.

Brixx is available in all countries.

No, Brixx works with or without Xero. If you have Xero, the integration can automate importing your actuals.

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