Week 6: Marketing – Funnel, Channels & Metrics

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Welcome to week 6! This week we’re going to discuss the grand topic of marketing. 

Last week we discussed unique selling points and building a prototype, this leads right into the topic of marketing.

As this topic is so big, we’ve split it out into three separate articles, which we recommend you read in order. Alternatively, they will make sense on their own so you can go between them as you please.

Why understanding the marketing funnel will boost your sales

In this article, we take you through each stage of the marketing funnel and explain how your potential customers travel through it, from awareness to conversion. Read this if your marketing campaigns are not converting.

What is a marketing channel and how to choose the right one(s)?

A beginners guide to marketing channels. Following on from the previous post about the marketing funnel. Understanding what a marketing channel is and how to choose the right one for your business will help you reach more of your target market.

Measuring the success of your marketing campaigns

You’ve got a marketing campaign set up, how can you tell if it’s doing well or not? We take you through all the necessary formulas you need to know for measuring success 

We’ll look at:

  • Return on investment
  • Average order value
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Customer lifetime value

As you can tell this is a big topic. It’ll take some time and further reading to fully understand it. Here are some related articles you can read to get some further reading:

In this article, we go through the concept of event marketing. We look at how useful it is for small businesses and if you do decide to do it, how to make the most of it.

In this post we examine 3 simple secrets you can capitalise on for online success. We look at content marketing, social media and e-commerce. An excellent read if you’re not sure how to start with marketing.

Next week we’re looking at the operations of your business. We’re going to be examining all the aspects of your day to day businesses operations. Including legalities, infrastructure, employment and more.

This blog post forms part of our series on how to start a business in 90 days. For an overview of the series and all the blog posts so far click here.

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