Week 1: Getting started with the 90 day challenge

Are you starting a business? Well before we get stuck into all these fantastic tips and tricks, I should mention that this article is part of a series based on ‘How to Start Your Own Business in 90 Days’, written by the team here at Brixx. See the complete list of articles here.

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Welcome to Week 1: The first step in the journey to start your own business! 

You’re probably here because you have a business idea. Or maybe the beginning of a business idea. Or maybe you really like the idea of having a business idea – but the idea itself is… proving elusive. 

Well, you’re in the right place. We’re here to help you go from having this dream that you might accomplish one day  – to putting you on a path of tried and tested actions that will lead you to actually launch a business. 

Throughout the next 14 weeks, we’re going to be releasing a whole library of articles aimed at helping entrepreneurs get their business plans together. Each week we’ll cover a different topic. You can find out more about the topics we’ll cover in the first link below 🙂

Here you will find all the relevant information for the initial steps in your journey. 

The topics for this week are split into two different articles:

Introducing the Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Starting a Business

This article gives an overview of the steps required to launch your business – from idea to reality! It starts with finding a profitable business idea and works all the way through to creating a business plan and eventually launching your business. It’s a brief overview of each topic but will give you an idea of the bases that need to be covered if you want to be successful.

Time Management and Productivity Tips to be a Better Entrepreneur

Here we will look at the ways in which you can better manage your time, helping you become more productive and a better entrepreneur. This article offers some simple, useful tips and tricks which will help you focus, minimise distractions and be more productive with your time. Check out this article if you are struggling to find the time to devote to your venture or if you’re finding it difficult to focus and be productive in your work environment.

We’re really excited to start this journey with you! Our team of writers and business planning experts have been hard at work creating this series. 

What we’ve come up with is a whole library of finely researched, engaging articles covering every aspect of starting a business.

For more resources on these topics, check out these articles.

  1. The biggest challenges for entrepreneurs working from home 
  2. Why the world wouldn’t end without work-life balance

Check out next week’s topic – Ideation

In week 2 we’ll be exploring the ideation process. The main objective of the ideation process is to think creatively and develop a large number of ideas. These can then be filtered down into the most practical solutions. We’ll also assess the risks and rewards of starting your own business. This will help you to determine whether the path of entrepreneurship is right for you. 

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