7 Things Startups Need to Know When Employing Staff for the First Time

If you’ve never worked in HR or recruitment, you might not know the ins and outs of hiring new talent. The process may seem simple, ask questions and see if you like the candidate. However, there are more steps and factors to be aware of when hiring for your startup or established business.
Lucky for you, we’ll cover all the important areas of employing someone today.

files with IP, infringement, patent. Orange cover with text reading "protecting your business - patents, T&Cs, trademarks and GDPR

Protecting your Business – Everything You Need to Know

In this article we explore the ways you can protect your business. You’ve got a minimum viable product and know how you’re going to market it. You now need to make sure you protect your business from the law and to ensure people don’t steal your idea! In this article, we’ll be looking at how to patent and trademark your intellectual property designs, what terms and conditions and privacy policies are and why you need them, and how to protect your company from breaching GDPR.

How to Choose the Right Infrastructure for Your Startup

It is important to research and establish your business infrastructure so that the daily activities of your business run smoothly. 

A well organised and well structured company will be able to deliver its products and services in a timely fashion, and ensure that existing and new customers are happy and the company is profitable. 

A Guide to Business Insurance, Structure, Licenses & Permits

As a startup, you need to think carefully about the type of business insurance you will require.

However, the first step before you go much further is that you will need to decide what structure the business is going to take, and register it accordingly. Your company must be legally registered for you to begin operating. 

Week 7: Operations – How to set up, run and operate your business

As we continue our mission to test and validate our business model, we need to dive into the practical side of your business. This is where many of the costs required to operate your business will rear their heads – often unexpectedly. 

There is a lot to cover here but we need to start nailing down these activities more accurately to understand clearly how much it will cost to run your business. It’s going to impact the volume of sales you need to achieve to breakeven. Last week, we talked about marketing and sales, which should have given you an idea of what is achievable with your initial marketing activities. Knowing the costs from last week’s articles will help you judge if this will be enough!