Friendly cash flow forecasting for startups

An easy tool to plan your startup’s financials, create charts & reports and test scenarios. 

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Brixx guides you though the numbers

Build a long term monthly cash flow and work out how much funding you’ll need. You don’t need a financial background to plan your startup, Brixx will calculate the numbers for you because our software is focused around making finance easy.

Coffee shop startup sales plan

Created for entrepreneurs to visualise business ideas

Start your business plan with simple drag & drop components. Each component represents real-world activities such as selling a product, taking out a loan or purchasing an asset. Breaking your business down into its component parts allows you to build a complete and detailed financial picture through easy steps.

writing a startup business plan

Write a better business plan and prove your startup idea

It’s easier to write your business plan when you have confidence in your numbers. When you need to convince others, it’s important that you can demonstrate the numbers are sound. Show when key milestones are likely to happen, such as your breakeven point, and plan for best and worst case scenarios.

Cash flow, balance sheet and profit & loss, completed in no time.

Our reports work out the box with no configuration or special expertise required. Every report builds simultaneously, combining the numbers from simple calculators and putting them into the correct accounts. Each report row can be opened up to show where the numbers come from, so that they are easy to understand even if you don’t have accounting experience. You can share your reports to partners and investors or export to a spreadsheet for further customisation.

audiobook business 3 year cash flow statement forecast report

“How quickly can I grow my sales?”

Model your sales at the product level and make copies to forecast best and worst case scenarios.

“How big a loan will I need?”

Our dashboard shows how much you’ll need to borrow and when you’ll need it. You can then plug the gaps with our loan calculator.

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Business plan template

Plans start with a template to get you rolling. It covers every area of your business from sales, to costs, to assets and funding.

Built-in help and guides

The app has help tooltips and contextual help boxes built into every area to make it quick to learn the ropes.

Videos & friendly support team

We’ve got a dedicated support area with guides and videos. We also have an approachable support team ready to help out!

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