Brixx feature roadmap

An overview of the future of Brixx over the coming months. This is not a complete list of our feature backlog and is subject to change but it provides a good indication of what is on the way.

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Recent releases

Available now
August 2019
Custom date control
Instead of viewing dashboard/reports in 12 month chunks, you can now define what length of monthly periods you want to look at.
August 2019
Column variance report
Gives you the option to show your actual data on the row below your forecast or the column next to it.
August 2019
Actuals vs forecast
Compare your actual data with your Brixx forecast through detailed variance reports
July 2019
New report & chart download panel
Downloads moved into a single panel accessible at the top of the plan. It contains a few new options such as the ability to download one spreadsheet containing all reports under different sheets and is a space we can easily expand in future.
July 2019
Improved reports
We have re-written the way the app generates reports bringing a slight speed-up in report generation. We’ve also adjusted the appearance to make them look better when printed. This re-write enables us to introduce new features such as actuals vs forecast.
February 2019
Component date range picker and save last view
We’ve often had people ask for the ability to set the date range for your component forecasts inside the component itself and not just in the plan timeline. This has now been added at the top next to the component name. This means you can now choose when an activity starts or ends whilst editing the forecast for that activity at the same time. Handy!
January 2019
New notes panel
Many users have requested the ability to add notes to their forecasts to record assumptions and describe their decisions and business activities. We added the ability to enter individual notes on a component by component basis.
December 2018
Table enhancements, forecast extrapolation and quick fill
New flexing options and spreadsheet-like selection added to tables allowing you to easily extrapolate data forward and copy & paste to and from spreadsheets or other components.

Coming soon

Work is nearly finished
Employees as cost of sales
New option to set employees as a direct cost for reporting purposes.
Adding prepayment forecasting options to income and expense components.
Improved opening balance
Adding more fields and improve the ability to profile the cash impact of these opening accounts more precisely. 

Coming later

Work has started
Compare plan
Use the new variance reports to compare two different plans (scenarios) against each other.
KPI report
Dedicated report for showing financial KPIs such as profitability and gearing.
Xero integration
We’re working on the ability to import past Xero data to create a new forecast and to match that forecast to your accounts in order to do actuals vs forecast comparison. We’ll have more details on this and the beta launch soon!
Subscriptions component
A new income component that will automate the forecast of recurring subscriptions, renewals and churn.
Lease component
A new component to handle the forecast of assets leased to your business.
Inventory component improvements
Better inventory management features.
New capital component
A dedicated component for calculating owner capital introductions and withdrawals (So the equity component can be completely focused around dividend and shares).
Improved component UX
A new design for components that is easier to read, control and understand.


Planned but not yet scheduled 
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Sage integration
  • Weekly data entry and reporting
  • Spreadsheet import
  • Plan, section & group level flexes
  • Unit report
  • Staff report
  • Unit generator from conversion rates
  • Expanded dashboard chart options