The Brixx Roadmap

An overview of the future of Brixx over the coming months. This is not a complete list of our feature backlog and is subject to change but it provides a good indication of what is on the way.

In development

Actuals to date in reports
The ability to display actual periods to date followed by your forecast.

New roll forward method
The current change of plan start date action does not preserve the dates of forecast data. A new roll forward option will allow this.

Actuals to date in dashboard
The ability to display actual periods to date followed by your forecast.

Prepayment forecasting options to income and expense components.

Taxable profit adjustment
A new field in tax settings for manually adjusting your taxable profit amount.

Early stages

Combining 2 or more plans together in a consolidated view of outputs

Compare plan
Use the new variance reports to compare two different plans (scenarios) against each other.

Improved Xero actuals vs forecast format for one to one matching
Currently, the Xero reports add a new drilldown level above your plan structure for your Xero accounts. If you are matching one to one Xero accounts to Brixx components then you may prefer to see your Brixx plan structure instead of this extra level. We are developing this as an optional switch.

Unitsed operational costs and assets
Calculate operational costs and asset purchases through a price and unit volume.

Custom Dashboards
Customise the charts in your dashboard by picking from a library of charts.