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“I’ve found Brixx utterly invaluable at keeping my sanity during this tricky year. Being able to run different scenarios with just a couple of clicks has saved me a few sleepless nights! It’s a really great product.”

Chris Maines-Beasley, WorldBeaters LTD

General FAQ

No. Brixx is a powerful tool for finance professionals and business owners alike. It’s designed to be easy to use for anyone with an understanding of their business. All double entry accounting is automated for you and plans are built out of common-sense components.

Brixx is a simple self-teaching application. We do have a YouTube channel and Support Area, and are ready to assist by webchat and email support, which is included in every subscription.

You can choose to plan in all major currencies and we have people enjoying Brixx from over 80 countries across the world.

Organisations are ways of structuring how people access plans in Brixx. You can invite people to be members of an organisation, making it easy to manage their access to the plans created in that Organisation. Each Organisation provides a dedicated space for planning which you can control access to.

A plan is a model of a business. You can use different plans to model multiple scenarios for the same business, or use each plan for a different business or project. How you use the plans available on your subscription is entirely up to you.

If you are working on behalf of several businesses, you could build one plan per client, or several plans for each client, for example.

Plan length defines how far into the future you can forecast, going up to 10 years on Professional and Partner packages. Plans you create can be different lengths, and you can change the start date and length of a plan at any time.

Many planning apps just produce a Cash Flow. But cash is just one side of the story. A 3-way forecast is a linked Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet, all working seamlessly together and completing the double-entry accounting necessary to produce complete financial statements.

Because the Cash Flow, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet each tell you different things about a business. Cash may be “king”, but profitability, risk and valuation are important factors for both investors and business owners to understand.

Making a robust, dynamic model of a business that can be flexed and tested across time isn’t easy. Brixx automates the accounting legwork so you can spend more time making better decisions about the future without worrying about cells and formulae.

Brixx supports live collaboration. You can share plans with other people via their email address. The recipient will be invited to register a free Brixx account, ensuring that only the desired recipient can log in and access your plan. People can be invited as editors or viewers, and as organisation members or guests. You can find out more about sharing here.

Brixx models produce a set of reports which can be drilled into to reveal the origin of the figures in the model. All reports can be viewed monthly, quarterly or yearly.

These reports include a Cash Flow, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Financial Summary, Overheads Report, Product Detail Report and Inventory Report.

The report suite is updated throughout the year.

Brixx models produce a dashboard of charts including a Cash Flow Chart, Cost Breakdown, Loan Repayment Chart, Asset Chart and Breakeven Chart.

Available on Business, Professional and Partner packages, actuals vs forecast allows you to enter the actual performance of the business and compare this to your forecast in Brixx. Comparisons are displayed on the three major reports as a % variance and absolute difference. Actuals can be entered manually, or automatically through a Xero connection.

Connecting to Xero brings across actuals from your Xero chart of account and matches these to your Brixx forecast. These actuals automatically update, displaying in actuals vs forecast reports as explained above.

One of our Brixx experts will introduce you to the application and go through any questions you have with modelling your business in Brixx. If you have more questions afterwards, we’re always happy to help via email and webchat.

Yes, you can upgrade to any package at any point for a prorata price. Upgrading starts a new billing cycle from the date of the upgrade.

Yes, hit the cancel button on the billing tab inside your account. You’ll still keep your subscription until the end of the billing period.

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