If you’re starting a business you may already have good content

If you're starting a business you may already have good content blog post image of a sticky note on a board

Today I’m going to talk about content, and give a bit of a retrospective on our learning curve content-wise.

Becoming an online business is a steep learning experience. It has been nearly a year since we launched Brixx as a beta in April 2016, sticking our first toe in the waters of online business planning. Now, a year of development further on, we are beginning to see the application taking the form we always envisioned.

But it is not just the app which has developed. As a team of predominantly application focussed people and business-to-business marketers, we had a lot to learn about being an online business.

One of the first lessons we learned is that we needed good content. For any business marketing itself online, having good, informative content to share and generate interest is a big advantage. But if you’re a small business, you might feel you don’t have the time or skills to write good content. Or maybe you feel that you just don’t have enough to write about your business? That’s how we felt sometimes. There’s only so much you can say along the lines of “you really ought to be doing financial modelling, you know?”

But as part of the process of researching (and blundering) our way through online marketing, we realised that we do actually have a wealth of good content. Because we are walking the same path that many of our users are walking too.

Finding the right target market

We also discovered that a product like Brixx is actually not the easiest thing to market. There are lots of apps out there which come under the bracket of ‘business planning’, several more with a focus on the financial side of planning and forecasting. It seemed like every week we discovered a new potential competitor. But competition is good – it means there’s a need for what we offer.

What made Brixx a bit harder is that we didn’t have a specific target market. After all, ideally we want Brixx to be used by entrepreneurs with an idea they want to plan, startups, small businesses, as well as accountants and other finance professionals! Quite a wide target audience there…

Eventually, we realised there was not a group of startups we were aiming to speak to, or the entire accountancy market, or just small businesses. Instead, it was a type of person that can be found across all of these groups. There isn’t just a single label for these people. But they do have things in common – a desire to adopt new technology, to try new things and have the kind of tools at their disposal that help them to help themselves. And, they’re interested in planning, be that out of genuine enthusiasm or business necessity!

We realised – we have a library of good content, it just needs to be written

In the process of learning how to market our own business, we also found that one of our primary requirements, content, wrote itself. Our own business’s journey has become a story in itself, and the lessons learned along the way each provide good, useful material for other businesses on the same learning curve as us. We also hope that by becoming better at marketing, we’re also growing better at understanding who our customers are and the best ways to provide them with a useful, valuable service.

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Our journey continues – and we hope we can walk hand in hand with other startups learning the ropes too. Our expertise is in easy-to-use financial forecasting software – sign up for a free trial today and see if it works for your business too!

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