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Why join The Brixx Partner Program?

Joining The Brixx Partner Program is your opportunity to offer a modern, collaborative and visual approach to business modelling for your clients. It gives you the ability to deliver additional valuable services and advice based around their business plans.
Deliver additional services and advice to your clients

Deliver additional services and advice to your clients

Save time building business plans

Save time building business plans

Save time building business plans

Collaborate and share business models with clients

Develop further revenue and profit streams

Develop further revenue and profit streams

Differentiate your business with Brixx Partnership

Differentiate your business with Brixx Partnership

Promote your business with the Brixx Partner assets on your website

Promote your business with the Brixx Partner assets on your website

What our clients have to say about Brixx

Brixx has been invaluable to the planning and launch of our new business. Enabling the production of various cashflow forecasts and financial modelling. 



Lizzie Davis

First Born Corporation

We love Brixx! It’s a brilliant application which is easy and intuitive to use.

Peter Wood

Accounting Services
for Business

It’s very adaptable to any business.  You can model the scenarios with accelerated growth due to funding or advertising spend, or slow the business growth down to see how those factors change the outcome.


Jack Berryman


finance forecast

A forward-looking tool, for forward-thinking businesses.

Help your clients reach their goals.

Business owners are planning the future and they need the help in making the right financial decisions. That’s where you come in. Brixx will help you guide them towards the right path for their business.

It’s super easy to visualise a businesses financial future and model the impact of different choices. Provide clear and confident advice, backed up by the numbers.

Model “what-if” scenarios in real time

Answer key questions on the spot, not a week later.

A Brixx model is flexible and easy to use. It’s designed for rapid scenario modelling in real-time.

Adjust finance forecast scenarios in the moment to get immediate answers so everyone can leave meetings with clarity.

finance forecast software for accountants advisors

Spend more time adding value

No more lost days battling a spreadsheet

Using Brixx finance forecast means you no longer have to spend time on double-entry accounting, building formulas or checking the integrity of your model.

We handle all of this for you, so you can focus on buisness modelling and delivering value to your clients. As it should be.

A full set of reports that are easy to follow.

Bottom up Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Statements.

Reports generate on the fly from your model and any line can be opened up to reveal the level of detail about your business. It makes projections very easy to understand and interrogate. Actions in the business can be clearly linked to the results in the reports. No more; “Where did that number come from?”.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! Brixx finance forecast is being used today by many advisors around the world in collaboration with their clients. Click here to sign up for a trial.

No! If you’re a business coach, consultant, franchise, business advisor, or many other roles, you can still become a Brixx Partner.

Brixx is intuitive and easy to adopt. We have guides for the App in our solutions area and a YouTube channel featuring tutorials. You can also get in touch with our Support Team if you have any unanswered questions.

Yes! Brixx is a standalone modelling tool including actuals vs forecast variance analysis. Brixx also integrates with Xero.

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