Complex financial planning made simple

Our features handle the time-consuming accounting tasks so you can focus on your cash flow projections.

brixx interface and dashboard june 2018 update
Brixx financial forecast component calculators

Visual forecasts that focus on important business activities

Make a complete picture of your business at a detailed level, organised by activities important to the success of your business. You build this picture with simple building blocks called components.

Easy to use components

Each component type helps you calculate the forecast for a specific financial task such as taking out a loan or employing a member of staff. It’s modular and the result is a visual, flexible plan of your entire company where it’s easy to try out new activities or projects.

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Brixx 3 year loan calculator

Easily create professional forecasts without doing any accounting

Our forecast calculators guide you through setting up your financials and handle time-consuming double entry in reports.

Example loan component

On the left is a component with assumptions for loan amount, duration, interest and repayment methods. The resulting projection is calculated for you in your balance sheet, cash flow and profit & loss.

Create detailed reports with simple actions

Combine as many components as you need to model your entire business. Reports stitch together the figures from any combination of components achieving impressive results with very little effort or financial knowledge.

Brixx cash flow scenario testing demo

Rapidly test key business scenarios and ideas

Freely try out ‘what-if’ scenarios in a flexible sandbox designed to help you quickly test your ideas. 

  • Try out best and worst case scenarios at any level of plan detail. Copy individual revenue lines, entire groups or even your entire plan and adjust the numbers.
  • Explore new growth projects simply through adding new sections to your plan. 
  • See the financial impact of changing product launch dates or employing new staff at different times.  
  • Turn on or off different sections or groups of your plan to see the ramifications in your reports.

No hassle, professional reports

Cash flow, balance sheet and profit & loss forecast reports viewable in months, quarters or years. You don’t have to grapple with formulas or double entry tasks, it’s all handled by Brixx. You can drill down from the headline figures down to the details. You can also export to PNG, PDF or Excel.

audiobook business 3 year cash flow statement forecast report
sport centre 3 year financial projection dashboard

Financial dashboard with plan spotlight

The dashboard provides quick, visual feedback of your evolving business. There is no setup, it all works out of the box with multiple date ranges and view options. Tooltips break down the information for more detail and you can spotlight on parts of the information to look at specific figures in isolation.

Manage your activities on the timeline

Brixx gives you control over time in ways that would be incredibly time consuming in a spreadsheet. Move projects in time and watch all your numbers update without you having to lift a finger. Perfect for testing date sensitive financial tasks.

sport centre business plan sales and cost timeline
share plan tool in brixx financial forecasting software

Teams, sharing & collaboration

Add a team of 5 collaborators to your account, controlled by a team owner who can set individual permissions for each plan. People can live collaborate together and use the version history tool to track changes and view earlier versions of a plan. In addition, add as many free viewers as you like with non-team member access.

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All the ingredients you need for a successful financial business plan

Asset purchases

Control over depreciation calculation and multiple disposal options for assets.

Excel drilldowns

The drilldowns created in your plan also carry through into your spreadsheet download.

Savings rate & inflation

Set-up adjustable annual rates.

Employee salaries

Automatic and custom NI & Pension Calculations. Forecast salaries and raises.


Manage shares and payments to shareholders with the equity component.

Loan calculator

Use our loan projector to try out different loan amounts, interest rates and repayment plans.

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