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Unparalleled financial planning flexibility

Create plans from financial building blocks, It’s easy, visual and you can quickly build complexity through simple methods.

Modular components make plan building quick and intuitive.

Group items together for organising and reporting on.

Each item is a template that calculates a specific task.

No hassle, professional reporting

Cash flow, balance sheet and profit & loss forecast reports viewable in months, quarters or years. Reports are built from data entered into components creating a detailed financial picture through simple actions.

Calculations handled
No formulas or double entry tasks, it’s all handled by Brixx.

Report drilldowns
Drilldown from the headline figures down to the details.

Export charts and reports to PNG or PDF. Export reports to Excel.

Dashboard with plan spotlight

The dashboard provides quick, visual feedback of your evolving business. There is no setup, it all works out of the box with multiple date ranges and view options.

Highlight specific parts of your business,

Instant feedback
The dashboard gives you great visibility as you build your plan.

Get the breakdown
Tooltips break down the top figures to see the details at a glance.

Manage activities on the timeline

Brixx gives you control over time in ways that would be incredibly time consuming in a spreadsheet. Move projects in time and watch all your numbers update without you having to lift a finger.

Interactive timeline
Every activity is represented visually on the timeline.

Adjust dates
Drag and drop to change the timings of activities.

Perfect for testing date sensitive financial tasks.

All the ingredients you need for a successful financial business plan

Control over depreciation calculation and multiple disposal options for assets.

Excel drilldowns
The drilldowns created in your plan also carry through into your spreadsheet download.

Savings rate & inflation
Set-up adjustable annual rates.

Automatic and custom NI & Pension Calculations. Forecast salaries and raises.

Manage shares and payments to shareholders with the equity component.

Use our loan calculator to try out different loan amounts, interest rates and repayment plans.

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