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Cash flow projections

Professional reports

Forecast calculators

The complete picture

Scenario testing

Financial timeline

Cash flow projections

Track your business cash

  • Create 10 year forecasts that inform key strategic business decisions
  • See all cash in & out in detailed charts & reports
  • Works for all industries and both product or service businesses
  • Set assumptions around payment terms
Sample 12 month cash flow forecast chart

Professional reports

Automated accounting

  • Profit & Loss, Balance sheet and Cash flow
  • Smart, professional layouts
  • Break down rows to trace the origin of any number
  • Double entry accounting handled for you
  • Change an activity and all reports update

Forecast calculators

Easy numbers

  • Forecasts are made from modular components
  • Each component calculates a salary, loan or sales for example
  • The accounting is seamlessly completed behind the scenes
  • Build complex financial plans with simple building blocks
Simple business loan calculator

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Scenario testing

Explore ‘what ifs’

  • Highly flexible for rapidly testing changes
  • Copy entire plans or parts of plans to create variations quickly
  • Switch on or off different parts of your plan
  • Easily add new projects separate to normal business activities
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“You can model scenarios with accelerated growth due to funding or advertising spend, or slow the business growth down to see how those factors change the outcome.

We were able to look at how two months of no new business would affect our cash flow, giving us some worst-case situations to think through.”

Jack Berryman – MintMech Read the full story

Financial timeline

Control time

  • A project timeline view for all business activities
  • Each row controls when figures impact your reports
  • Drag and drop start or end dates
  • Shift entire projects in time
  • Perfect for testing date sensitive scenarios
Brixx project financial timeline

The complete picture

Visualise your business

One clear view that everyone in the team can see, understand and have a conversation around without requiring a financial expert to navigate or explain. It’s a visual picture of your business.

share plan tool in brixx financial forecasting software

Teams, sharing & collaboration


Add a team of 5 collaborators to your account, controlled by a team owner who can set individual permissions for each plan. People can live collaborate together and use the version history tool to track changes and view earlier versions of a plan. In addition, add as many free viewers as you like with non-team member access.

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‘ BRIXX is very easy to use; a great program has been developed behind the interface, in fact “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” as Leonardo Da Vinci said. ‘ Pietro, SaveBiking

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All the ingredients you need for a successful financial business plan

Report & chart downloads

Excel spreadsheet, PDF and PNG ready to be included in your business plan documents

Loan calculator

Calculate borrowing, interest rates, payback periods and different repayment methods

Asset purchases

Control over depreciation calculation and multiple disposal options for assets.

Employee salaries

Automatic national insurance & pension calculations. Forecast salaries and raises.

VAT, Sales tax and GST

Tax payments to and from government calculated

Corporation Tax

Taxable profit calculated and amount owed forecast


Sell shares, receive investment and pay dividends


Stock purchases automated by sales forecast

Savings rate & inflation

Set-up adjustable annual rates.

Regular free software updates

We’re always working on new features based on customer feedback and release many updates a year.

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