What is Financial Forecasting?

Welcome to a new series on the Brixx Blog – Forecasting Fundamentals.
In this article, we tackle the very basics, if you’re new to forecasting, start here!

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How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast for a Clothing Business

Whether you’re starting or you already have a clothing business, one thing which is often overlooked is the financial forecasting aspect of it. In this article I’m going to be covering how to create a cash flow forecast for a clothing business. I’ll cover the key areas with examples of their significance in a clothing business. Then, step by step, I’m going to build a cash flow forecast!

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Building up a Brixx plan a 24 minute demo transcript header

Building up a Brixx plan – a 24 minute demo

This week we bring you a video demo of Brixx – a “back to basics” tour of the app that will teach you the fundamental principles behind Brixx so that you can get the most out of modelling in the app. Beginners welcome!

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Weighing scaled depicting why a balance sheet needs to balance

Why Does a Balance Sheet Need to Balance?

The balance sheet is packed with financial information crucial to understanding the health of your company. However, for a lot of people, it’s one of the hardest financial statements to get to grips with. Even the most fundamental pillar of the balance sheet, why it needs to balance, eludes many of us. 

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financial projections guide for a startups business plan

Financial Projections Guide for a Startup Business Plan

In part 3 of our business planning series we tackle the dreaded financial forecast head on. You’ll pull together everything you’ve learnt in the 90 day challenge to create compelling, realistic financial projections for your startup. It’s not as scary as it seems and we’ll show you exactly what you need to do.

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How to create an effective financial forecast with no historical data header

How to Create an Effective Financial Forecast With No Historical Data

Extrapolating historical data is one way of creating a financial forecast. If you’re a new business or a you are launching a new product, you need a different process. In this article we go through what this process looks like and how you can make effective projections even without past figures to reference.

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