Can you make a great leader?

Can you make a great leader? blog post header image of a flock of birds for Brixx cash flow forecasting tool

We’ve probably all worked for a variety of people, some good, and some not so good…but generally speaking, great leaders all share similar characteristics.

Effective and successful leaders of businesses inspire, motivate and lead their staff to working towards a common aim. With a clear vision for the business, staff will understand where the business is going, how they fit into that picture, and how the goals will be achieved.

They inspire by being honest and living and leading with integrity. Building trust with staff and customers is essential – you let someone down, you don’t get a second chance.

Appreciate your team and make them feel valued. Of course, it’s easier to be positive and encouraging when everything is going well – however, the test of a good leader is when things aren’t going so well. Managing problems by remaining calm and positive whilst seeking solutions shows the difference between a boss and a leader.

Tough decisions sometimes need to be taken – it goes with the job. These decisions require an authority and finality that will not please everyone, but must be made in the best interests of the organisation.

Communication and listening are vital! Just pretending to hear things and taking no action doesn’t work! Listen, take appropriate action, and communicate the outcomes.

Ultimately, keep your passion and vision at the front of your mind, and be passionate for people about their goals too. And remember – a sense of humour goes a long way 🙂

If you are approaching your working day with these attributes, then it sounds like you are already there!

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One thing leaders have in common is that they know where they’re going. But this doesn’t happen by magic – leaders plan. If you’re a leader, try our financial planning app Brixx and see how it applies to your business. 

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