Plan your cash flow with simple forecasting software

A friendly tool that enables busy businesses to quickly explore their financial future.

Cash flow planning made easy

Get complete visibility over all cash flowing in and out of your business each month to ensure you have enough cash in the bank to cover your tax bill or an unexpected cost.

A detailed cash flow forecast gives you comfort that your business will have enough money over the coming months and the confidence to invest it in new ways to grow your business.

The financial tool you need to look at the road ahead

Visualise your long term financial future and see the big picture. Sometimes managing short term bills and invoices keeps you so busy it’s hard to find the time to see where the road is taking you. Look at your long term business strategy with detailed financial projections up to 10 years into the horizon.

Keeping finance simple and approachable

If the idea of creating a cash flow, profit & loss or balance sheet sounds intimidating to you, you are not alone. Our software handles the accounting work for you. Simple forecast calculators help build these reports for you and avoid complex financial terminology completely. Brixx is used by people with a huge range of financial expertise. 

You won’t need your accountant to set it up, you can jump in to the template and start planning straight away. Brixx empowers you to test out new product lines, plan marketing campaigns or cost out new premises and estimate your cash flow over the coming months.


Model real world activities to test out your business ideas

Our app is flexible and modular, making it easy to experiment with ad-hoc projects on the fly that differ from current every day activities such as launching a new range of clothing, or launching a huge new social media campaign.

These are the projects that will have a huge impact on your future, and so Brixx makes it easy to add these activities alongside what you are already doing. You can look at them in isolation or quickly see the impact of a change in timing, such as a shifted launch date, making it really easy to see their financial impact on your bottom line. 

Answer key financial questions important to your future

“What will a price increase look like?”

Enter individual products with your price point then map out future sales volumes and try out price changes.

“When can I afford to employ more staff?”

Set-up multiple staff salaries and add new staff over time. Use the timeline to play with start dates.

Try out Brixx, right now.

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Products & services

Whether you are a SAAS business, a consultant or in retail, Brixx has the tools for modelling your sales and costs.

Small & medium businesses

Brixx allows you to forecast in different levels of detail and its modular plan building system makes it appropriate for any scale of business.

Just starting or already trading

It doesn’t matter if you are only just planning business ideas or have been trading for 10 years, Brixx can work for you.

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