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Cash flow forecasts & financial planning

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Make informed decisions about the future of your business

Quickly forecast and analyse the paths you could grow your business along. Brixx will give you confidence in your cash flow forecasts providing clarity around key decisions.

Automated calculations
Large range of calculations for budgets, loans, depreciation etc.

Test your cash flow
Easily experiment with future projects on your cash flow.

Plan to grow
Explore the numbers behind your ideas for expansion.

A planning tool that visually expresses your business

Many forecasting tools just replicate your accounting structure, which often isn’t intuitive. Brixx visualises all your financial activities in the way you think about your business.

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Taking the complexity out of finance

Brixx is a testing environment designed for analysing the financial consequences of future plans and decisions. It’s easy to test out new product lines, plan marketing campaigns or cost out new premises. You won’t need your accountant to set it up, you can jump in and start planning straight away.

Brixx planning software is trusted by hundreds of UK housing associations and now hundreds more startups and small businesses.

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