Brixx update – new icons, new basic plan template, better on/off switching and bug fixes!

Brixx update – new icons, new basic plan template, better on/off switching and bug fixes! blog post header image for Brixx software

It’s summer again! And it hardly seems a year since we gave our interface a new lick of paint around this time last year. We’ve been giving a lot of thought to what simple changes we can make to bring more clarity to the app. Here’s what we’ve done:

Icon update

One of the bits of feedback we received is that it was not obvious how to add more components to plans. To improve this, we’ve changed the Components button to Add Components and added a + icon.

Other icons have been updated as well! The on/off icons for sections, groups and components are now all brighter and bolder. Their ‘third state’ (half on, half off) which is displayed when something further down in the hierarchy is turned off, has also been made clearer brighter.


New Basic Plan structure template

When you start a new plan in Brixx you have the option to start with a basic plan structure already added for you. This is a set of sections, groups and components that are automatically added to the plan to save you some time. The previous structure was quite basic (even more than its name would entail) so we’ve added more to it.

The new basic plan structure includes more sections, groups and components, and better naming to prompt you on what you need to include in your business plan.



The Investment component has also seen a change, moving from a blue coloured ‘finance’ component to a yellow ‘asset’ component.

None of the calculations for this component have changed, just the colour and its position in the component library.

Chart download sizes

Chart downloads used to vary in size depending on the size they were displayed at on your screen. This meant if you had a very small screen you would be downloading a very small chart! Chart download size has been standardised now, and we’ve also fixed some appearance issues with the plan’s logo appearing too large on some chart downloads.

Plan length message in plan settings

One of the things we’re looking to improve is what happens when you extend plans. For example, if I make a 1 year plan but then decide to extend it to 5 years. In this case, Brixx does not automatically extend the groups and components that make up the plan. This is intentional, as we don’t want to automatically extend components whose duration impacts on their calculations (for example, a loan that is extended will pay its interest and capital repayments over a longer period of time, and an asset is sold on the end date of the asset, so extending an asset will change when the asset is sold). However, this has led to some confusion! As a temporary measure we’ve added some explanatory text in Plan Settings, just to remind you that extending the length of plan does not automatically extend the length of items in the plan. This needs to be done on the Timeline instead.

Improved responsiveness and animation for turning items on and off

Any section, group or component in Brixx can be switched on or off by clicking the coloured icon next to their name. When quickly changing several items to be on/off in a row some items could be skipped, or appear to be in one state and then flip back. We have introduced a loading animation to show when an item is in the process of being switched on or off and also improved the responsiveness of the interface to enable better speedy on/off switching.

And more bugs fixed!

We have fixed a big list of other bugs, including:

  • Sections named “cash” creating a new key line on the Cash Flow chart.
  • Total asset value on the Asset chart not including all assets.
  • Component data panel can open when other actions clicked
  • If a component is dragged into a switched off group it still appeared to be ‘on’.
  • Double clicking on a component’s name slowly could cause a freeze.
  • January not showing when selected on plan creation dialog.
  • > or < in plan name caused Dashboard charts not to load.
  • Cost of Sales could disappear when dragged, and also incorrectly display all inputs in some cases, causing a crash.
  • Reordering components sometimes got Timeline bars out of step with their components.
  • Components other than Cost of Sales and Inventory could be made child components of Income.
  • ‘ in names caused a crash.
  • Moving sections up or down caused Plan Settings to display badly and freeze.
  • Components in copied groups could appear to have the wrong on/off state.
  • Inventory components attached to Income components could become detached.
  • Dragging components from one group to another could cause them to be displayed in an unexpected order.

Sign in now or sign up for a free trial to try out the new version!

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