Cash Flow Forecast Guide for a Dog Walking Business Plan

If you’ve found yourself here, you’re probably starting, or looking at starting a dog walking business. Although many people view their dog walking as a hobby and do it for fun, the reality is, if money is changing hands, it is still a business. Now just because it’s a business, that doesn’t necessarily mean you […]

How to Create a Cash Flow Forecast in Brixx

Cash flow forecasting is an essential part of managing and growing your business successfully.  It’s crucial for: Highlighting if you are in danger of running out of cash Planning how you’ll spend money to grow your business Creating 3-5 year financial plans for investors Running what-if scenarios to stress test your business Exploring the impact […]

Cindercone IT - Case study

How Brixx Helped IT Firm Cindercone Reach New Heights

Cindercone is a IT Firm offering a wide variety of technical services, with best in class EDI processing software, custom development services, and integrations to ERP, CRM, eCommerce and EPOS systems. Read all about how Brixx helped Cindercone in a brand new customer story.

How to start a gardening business

How to Start a Gardening Business in the UK

Join us for a detailed guide on starting a gardening business in the UK, we walk through all the necessary steps from market research all the way through to creating a detailed financial plan. Starting a gardening business is easier than you think, if you’ve got a green thumb, check this article out!

Person walking dogs with text reading "how to start a dog walking business in the UK"

How to Start a Dog Walking Business in the UK

One of the most popular businesses to start in the UK is a dog walking business. It’s no surprise really, it’s easy to get going and costs very little. In this guide, we walk you through every single step and breakdown the financial plan at the end. You’ll be up and running in no time!