Can you make a great leader?

We’ve probably all worked for a variety of people, some good, and some not so good…but generally speaking, great leaders all share similar characteristics.

Effective and successful leaders of businesses inspire, motivate and lead their staff to working towards a common aim. With a clear vision for the business, staff will understand where the business is going, how they fit into that picture, and how the goals will be achieved.

Calculator, laptop, pen and paper and coffee on a trendy wooden desk.

How I learned all about finance

When I first came to Brixx I didn’t know the first thing about finance.

But I did know something about small businesses and how they operated.

Within a week I was starting to understand that the Dark Art of accountancy wasn’t so dark, it’s just rarely explained in terms non-accountants understand. The reason why a balance sheet should balance, or the difference between retained earnings and opening cash is lost to most non-accountants. Business people and entrepreneurs see the world divided in different ways to the rules of accountancy.

Here’s what we have in store this month

Ah August! Schools are out here in the UK, which makes the journey to work all the easier. It got me thinking about the journey that we are taking with our development of Brixx.

Every project has fast and slow periods, but below silent waters there is a hive of activity. We haven’t released an update since our component update on the 7th July. As you can probably guess this means we’ve got something in store for you.

The Rise of the Self-Employed

Figures from the Government released in January stated that numbers of self-employed people are the highest they have ever been in 40 years. According to the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, 15% of the UK’s workforce are now self-employed.

Introduction to the Brixx Business Planning Blog

Welcome to our blog!

I’d like to take a moment to talk a bit about our company, our product and what you can expect to see from our blog in the future.

Brixx has a rich history supplying incredibly detailed and robust financial modelling software. The engine that sits behind our products is an extremely potent financial calculator. It is currently being used in the Social Housing market to create 30 year financial projections. We are incredibly proud to have developed a tool that so many have found useful and made the lives of financial experts so much easier. It’s now time for us to take this tool into the modern era.