How Cash Flow Kills Small Businesses

Cash flow problems can cause otherwise successful businesses to go bust. This is a truth that bears repeating, which is why this about the third article in which I have repeated it!

Small businesses are especially at risk as they may not have reliable access to sources of finance, having to turn to loans to get them out of trouble, which will, in turn, negatively affect their future cash flow.

Creating a business plan from scratch in Brixx (Video)

Welcome back to this training series. In this video, I’m going to show you how to go about building a plan from scratch. I’ll look closer at structuring your plan and how to enter your numbers. But before we start I recommend pausing this video, grabbing a hot beverage of your choice and settling down comfortably as this video is a bit longer than the last one!

Brixx Update: New Account Area

Hi everyone, we’ve been working hard on improving our account area. This is where you create and manage your Brixx plans, enter profile information, upgrade your account and manage your subscription.