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Help for anyone starting a business

Business Plan Blog

Help for anyone starting a business

How to start a cleaning business

For as long as things have been getting dirty, people have been paying to have someone clean it, and a cleaning business is one of the simplest businesses to start, with a minimal outlay and lots of room to grow.

This week, we take an in-depth look at starting a cleaning business. [Continue reading]

Brixx Update: New Account Area

Hi everyone, we’ve been working hard on improving our account area. This is where you create and manage your Brixx plans, enter profile information, upgrade your account and manage your subscription. [Continue reading]

Accounting news: keeping up to date online

Keeping up to date with accounting news and views can be a struggle. Check out our list of the best tax and accounting podcasts, webchats and Twitter chats. [Continue reading]

Storytelling with charts

I was going to start by saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ - but you all know that one already. Financial charts are great ways to get across the story of your business, even if that story hasn’t happened yet! So rather than just using charts to convey dry information, I’m going to talk about using charts to tell stories. [Continue reading]

Planning for success - your first simple business plan

So, you’re making a business plan. You know your business, that’s the easy part. Making a financial plan, well, that sounds harder, right? This article is all about making a simple financial plan for your business. Each element of the business that you need to consider will be broken down into steps, which when added together make a full financial picture of the business. [Continue reading]

Planning on a timeline - how to use time to your advantage in business planning

One of the elements of Brixx that we’re most proud of is the Timeline. Every component in a Brixx plan sits in a particular place in the plan’s Timeline, with a clearly displayed start-point and end-point. This means that any financial activity in a Brixx plan, be it a source of income, the purchase of an asset, the sale of shares, can be changed to take place at a different time. You can also adjust the Timeline for groups of components - the applications of which are almost endless. [Continue reading]

Taking a fresh look at planning your business

Previously on the blog I’ve talked a lot about new businesses. Today I’m going to focus on taking a fresh look at an existing business - and what this means in terms of planning. So, your business is up and running. Maybe it’s been trundling along for years, or maybe you’ve been furiously climbing the slippery slope to financial stability as a startup. You might not know it but you’ve reached a point where it’s time to take a new look at your business. [Continue reading]

Brixx business planning - The Basics [video]

In today's blog post, we take a look at one of the new training videos. This video goes through the basics of Brixx, it's a great starting point and highlights what you can do in a Brixx plan and how you do it. [Continue reading]

The Business Show - aftermath & subscription discount

The Business Show is over, it's a new week and we have just about recovered from a couple of intense days at the show last week. Around 16,000 people visited the show on the Wednesday and a similar amount on Thursday. Our bright orange stand was busy from when the doors opened right to the final minutes. We were hard to miss! [Continue reading]

Brixx at the Business StartUp Show

It's showtime..... [Continue reading]