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Week 3: Market Research – Your Customers & Competitors

So you’ve got a business idea, now you need to know whos going to buy your product or service. You might already have an idea of who this is, but with proper research, you’re not going to know for sure. We’ll show you how to find your competitors and your target market through effective market research. We’ll use the data gathered here to identify your competitors and target market so you’re more prepared for launch.

Time Management & Productivity Tips to become a Better Entrepreneur

Starting a business is a time-consuming process. 
It requires a lot of focus and attention from you and you’ll be doing this whilst trying to juggle a social life and potentially another job.
I’m going to offer some handy tips and tricks to help you better manage your time. By getting some good time-management and productivity practices sorted in advance, you’ll start your business as you mean to go on – with purpose, drive and clarity.


Introducing the Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Starting a Business

So you want to know how to start your own business? Great! You’re in the right place. 
This article will give you an overview of the components you need to consider to successfully launch a startup.
We’ll be releasing more articles on these topics in the coming weeks, in the order listed below. We’ll link each of the weeks’ hub post so you can quickly navigate to anything you’d like to know more about.

Week 1: Getting started with the 90 day challenge

In the first article in our series ‘How to start your own business in 90 days’ we’re kicking off the first week’s topics – time management and an overview of the article series, which covers the steps you need to take to come up with a business idea, research it, plan it and launch it.