How to forecast your startup or business’s cash flow

How to forecast your cash flow for a startup or business blog header image by Brixx software

The cash flow statement is one of the more common reports used by accountants. It is a measure of all the incoming and outgoing cash activity of the business and is usually estimated at a monthly level. You may think that all that matters is your profit margin but cash flow is critical.

The key difference between a cash flow forecast and another report like the income statement is that it’s all about timing. When cash is parted with or received is vitally important. It will not take into account future sales received on credit. It’s a true reflection of your bank accounts inflows and outflows. Not what might be, but what is.

Financial forecasts just got a whole lot prettier

Financial forecasts just got a whole lot prettier blog post header image of stationary for Brixx financial forecasting tool

We have been quietly working away on completely revamping the Brixx dashboard for a while now. We think it’s incredibly important to be able to visualise the future of your business. We’re trying very hard to make this simple and beautiful.

At the same time, we want to deliver something powerful that is really useful for analysing your cash flow forecasts, understanding your future costs and generally being aware of every part of your business.