7 Things Startups Need to Know When Employing Staff for the First Time

If you’ve never worked in HR or recruitment, you might not know the ins and outs of hiring new talent. The process may seem simple, ask questions and see if you like the candidate. However, there are more steps and factors to be aware of when hiring for your startup or established business.
Lucky for you, we’ll cover all the important areas of employing someone today.

Can you make a great leader?

Can you make a great leader? blog post header image of a flock of birds for Brixx cash flow forecasting tool

We’ve probably all worked for a variety of people, some good, and some not so good…but generally speaking, great leaders all share similar characteristics.

Effective and successful leaders of businesses inspire, motivate and lead their staff to working towards a common aim. With a clear vision for the business, staff will understand where the business is going, how they fit into that picture, and how the goals will be achieved.