Accounting news: keeping up to date online

It can be hard to find what you’re looking for if you’re not looking in the right places. There are a wide range of resources and conversations out there on various business topics – but finding some you like, that are both informative and entertaining takes a good deal of searching. We’ve collated a set of great accounting, business and economic podcasts and chats to help!

Economic news and accounting podcasts

Here’s 4 great podcasts to get you started.

Accounting news – Steven Bragg – The Accounting Best Practice Podcast

I really like this clear and concise podcast. Steven is a great speaker, and an incredibly varied source of information on all things accountancy. Now, to our readers outside of the US, some of these podcasts do deal with specifically American practices – but rest assured many are very valuable no matter where in the world you are working! If accounting for small businesses is your thing give this podcast a go.

As well as dealing with the nitty gritty of how to adopt the best accounting practices you can, the podcast also delves into diverse areas such as changing jobs, or making ethical decisions in accounting. I’m a philosopher at heart, so the ethics episode of The Accounting Best Practice Podcast was the first I was drawn to 

Economic news – The Economist – Money Talks

You can find Money Talks on the Free Exchange page, or on iTunes.

Compulsory listening if you’re interested in the big picture (and maybe you should be!). There’s a wealth (ha!) of content available either through the Economist website or through iTunes. Naturally the high production values and impressive guest speaker lineup can be counted on to make Money Talks worth your time. While UK and American stories sometimes take centre stage there is a huge amount of airtime given to European and global economics. You’ll find a lot of different topics being covered here, from industry trends to more general finance news.

The best thing, arguably, about Money Talks is how on the pulse it is. Keeping up with Money Talks can guarantee you to be up with the latest changes in the world of money, world business and economics. A great example of this I heard a while back, at the start of this year. ‘Banks on the Move’ is a great example of depth and detail on a topic you might not even be aware existed.

Economic news – Planet Money

This American podcast by NPR is an amusing, sometimes historical look at money and money matters. The presenters are engaging and episodes include interviews and soundbites from people in the know.

The fascinating episode 606: Spreadsheets! is an amusing view into something we’re all familiar with… you’ll learn something, I guarantee it! (it’s also a great explanation of why we built Brixx)

Financial Gym for Business – Georgette Rowland Osborne

Something a bit different from the others! This is a bright, practical podcast offering great down-to-earth tips and sensible considerations around how to put them into practice. Georgette, the ‘cantankerous coach’ is really motivating.

A good example of how Georgette makes the complex simple is ‘Publicly Rich Privately Poor – The Rise of the Poor Entrepreneur – Part 4 – Fix Your Financial Systems’. I’d recommend you listen to the entire series, it’s a really good primer to the world of business finance.

Twitter chats and how to find them

Twitter – a place of ephemeral, fleeting impressions and glib 140 character-liners? Well, I can’t deny some of that – but there’s also a great business/finance community at work here. But how to find the stuff you want? Searching by hashtags is hard to manage. Let me tell you – there’s a better way. Use or similar to manage and view the hashtags you habitually follow.

Try each of the following out and pick one or two that you get the most from. Stick with them, Twitter is an ever changing landscape after all.







Don’t stop here though! Now you’ve got a taste of what’s out there take a look for local chats run by your local chambers of commerce or local networking groups. In a big city like London this should be no trouble but you might think you’d have problems if you don’t live near a metropolis. Thankfully it’s just not so, as active, positive accounts like @CornishAccounts consistently demonstrate.

Whatever your initial impressions about finding good conversations and good podcasts online, it’s worth persisting. It’s always worth engaging with areas that interest you – so go on, find something new.

While you’re here, if you have a business and are looking for a financial planning tool, we may have just the thing…

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