Delight your clients with clear financial forecasts

Cash flow forecasting software that’s visual and easy to understand.

sport centre 3 year financial projection dashboard

Speed up your forecasting process

Brixx handles double entry reporting and removes time consuming accounting tasks from the planning process. The app puts planning front and centre, removing all distractions by keeping the complexity behind the scenes.

You can navigate and edit your forecast on the left while viewing the results updating automatically in the report panel on the right.

Reports are accessible, easy to navigate and you can switch between date ranges, totals and report types at the click of a button. The Brixx reporting area is a serious time saver.

“We love Brixx!  It’s a brilliant application which is easy and intuitive to use.  It’s transformed the way in which we can discuss business planning with clients.


They can engage interactively and can immediately see the impact of their business assumptions as clearly presented visuals which are readily understood.  It’s so easy to show the ‘what if’ scenario.”


Peter Wood, ASFB

Broken spreadsheet illustration with cells flying everywhere

More robust and flexible than a spreadsheet

(and more friendly!)

You might be a spreadsheet wizard but most people aren’t. Most people are terrified of them. Brixx has a modern, friendly and intuitive interface that anyone can get to grips with. Spreadsheets are powerful but can hide what’s going on, it’s not always easy to immediately explain where a number comes from. Brixx removes these barriers, allowing the entire team to understand and contribute to projections.

Plan in detail, not just at the top level accounts

Real insight comes from modelling at a granular level, breaking down the big figures to understand where they came from. Brixx gives you that flexibility to look at the component parts of a business and plan at the level of detail you need.

Mountain bikes product sales forecast

“How high can I set my marketing budget?”

It’s easy to set repeating budgets that won’t break the bank by looking at the cash flow and cost break-down charts.

“When will investors make their money back?”

The breakeven chart shows how long it will take to make back invested money and the sales required to get there.

Flexible scenario planning

Brixx accounts come with multiple plans – how you use these is up to you. Each one can forecast a different company, or duplicate an existing plan for scenario testing. Keep a master plan and create variants from it. Use one plan for a short-term detailed sales forecast and another for long-term strategic modelling – or use one plan for both of these functions. The choice is yours.

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Easy setup

You don’t need to configure a chart of accounts. Brixx uses drag & drop building blocks to create categories as you go or make changes on the fly.

Double entry reporting

Reports and charts have built in formulas handling double entry accounting out of the box.

Built-in calculators

From loans to assets to investments – forecasts for complex activities can be automatically calculated

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