Easy to use financial forecasting software in the cloud

Financial plans and strategic modelling

Create better forecasts for your clients

Impress clients with a visual tool that can clearly demonstrate the financial effects of business decisions.

Strategic planning
Make informed decisions with a true strategic planning tool.

3 way forecasts
Create multiple reports quickly and painlessly.

Accurate calculations
No more error checking spreadsheets.

Financial modelling and scenarios

Brixx isn’t just for creating detailed 5 year cash flow forecasts. It’s also a strategic modelling tool for simulating different scenarios. Each plan is inherently flexible and updates its reports and dashboard when any changes are made making Brixx perfect for stress testing a business.

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Create multiple financial plans for key decision makers

Decision making is easier when you can navigate the future in Brixx. Plans can be copied quickly for exploring best case and worst case scenarios. The dashboard makes your business forecasts easy to understand and is a clear way to show the ramifications of different financial outcomes to decision makers.

Brixx planning software is trusted by hundreds of UK housing associations and now hundreds more startups and small businesses.

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