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The HousingBrixx products were purchased as part of Castleton Technology PLC’s acquisition of Brixx Solutions Ltd, which as of 1st December 2015 has changed its name to Castleton Software Solutions Ltd.

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ideas into numbers

Business plan software for startups and small businesses

Welcome to the new Brixx website, focussed on providing businesses and entrepreneurs with the capability to turn their ideas into numbers.

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Get behind the numbers

You don’t need to be an accountant to produce highly impressive and professional reports. Brixx gives you the clarity to talk about the numbers behind your business with confidence.

Model your business

Build a working model of your business by simulating all of its components, including income, costs, assets and funding across an adjustable timeline. Flexibility is key to allowing you to make powerful changes on the fly. Move an entire project forward by a month with just a click of a button.

Simulate your business

Creating a plan in Brixx is simple. Every business is made from the same components. It’s how you put them together that makes your business unique.

Adding components and organising them into a structure of Sections and Groups is remarkably quick and you can model complex businesses in minutes.

A Brixx model is a highly flexible simulation making editing and adjusting your plan fluid and intuitive. This means you can run detailed scenarios with ease. Every change is just a click away.

Organise your business into Sections and Groups.


Plan building in Brixx is completely unique. We provide a library of components that you can build any business with, big or small. So what is the big deal about components? Well, they are super flexible - you can rename them, copy them and organise them into groups. Not to mention they have been cleverly designed to make it easy to enter in your numbers.

Ultimately, what sets components aside is that they provide a highly visual and tactile way to look at your business.

Change is inevitable...

It’s crucial to be able to make changes and see the financial consequences. A static plan with one output does not reflect the ever changing world we live in nor the multiple ways you could take your business. Great planning is about analysing all possibilities.

Whether it’s looking at the different ways you could expand your business or understanding how external forces could affect your future, you need to plan for it.

A core feature of Brixx is the ability to tweak and change on the fly whilst your reports and charts are all automatically updated in the background as you go.

We know that a plan isn’t just a one time event. It’s dynamic and malleable, just like your business.

easy numbers

Brixx makes it easy to convert your business ideas into numbers. You’ll be surprised how quick it is. Data is painless to enter and can be changed at anytime without fear of breaking everything. Your numbers are automatically calculated and presented for you in reports.

equip yourself to answer financial questions

If you are trying to get your business funded your lender will be scrutinising your financials at every turn. You need to have the answers at hand when those difficult questions start cropping up.

A business plan in Brixx empowers you. Your Brixx model can easily be analysed to reveal a myriad of information such as:

When will I break even?

What if my costs increase?

How much will it cost to run an office?

When can I hire more people?

If I am paid a month late what happens to my cash flow?

What size loan will I need?

Beautiful charts & reports

Brixx outputs a dashboard that is as beautiful as it is informative as well as a Cash Flow, Income Statement and Balance Sheet in a highly professional layout ready to download and print.

We’ll let you know when it’s ready

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